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Most online casino gaming fanatics play with their eyes on the money and not just for the fun of it. We all care to make those extra bucks when opportunity knocks at the door. As you probably already know, team are great lovers of free online slots, but we also try to seize every opportunity we get to make real money from online gambling. We play online casino for real money just like most casino fanatics do.

However, with time we have come to realize that it is never easy to make money from online casino gaming due to the casino’s dishonesty and fraudulent activities. There are so many methods that casinos pull in their mission to swindle every penny that online gamblers legitimately earn. Finding a genuine online casino that is registered, has transparent wagering system, good RTP, bonuses, transparent requirements etc is not easy. Most of online casinos we find have some sort of methods aimed at slashing or withholding your winnings, bonuses or deposits.

After years of analyzing our online experiences, we came up with an advanced algorithm that has 12 parameters (based on manual review of online casinos and deep learning) that are proved to choose best of the best online casinos.
Then we developed this page to help both novice and expert gamblers in their online casino gambling.

So, online casinos that you see below are choosed based on your location and all other parameters. If you are from USA, we choose only casinos that accept USA players and that players from USA think as best ones. If you are from UK, you see best casinos for UK players, etc.

Click on them and you will see some more detailed information about each online casino & you can play right from here.
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Top Online Casinos by Our Rating

Types of Online Casinos

First things first! Before you even think about investing a dollar in online gambling, you have to understand the types of online casinos and how they differ from each other. Any pro gambler is not likely to find this section of the page fascinating, but newbies have a lot to learn from here. Here we will help you know the type of online casino to select based on your interests and abilities.
Details of how deposits are made and how winnings are withdrawn are also given for the various types of casinos are also outlined. Newbies should pay more attention to this section for fraudsters often target their lack of understanding for how online casinos work. This saves you the agony of reading volume loads of tutorials and gets you ready for the actual casino gaming.

As the team, we have many years of experience in online gambling that you can trust. Let us get you going by shedding some light on the common types of online casinos you will meet in the online gambling market.

No Download Online Casinos

Just like the name suggests these casinos are instant. It is an ideal starting point for you if you have never played in online casino before. This type of casino is simple and does not require any downloads. You get to play for the real money right from the browser of your computer. Install the required plugin and get to play the casino. However, HTML 5 slots that do not require this plug-in are being developed. With the plug-in installed, you just need to go to the casino website, create your account, make the required deposit and start playing for real money. No download online casinos are convenient for they consume no hard drive space and are easy to use.

Download Online Casino

As the name suggests, download online casino requires you to download the gaming software on your computer to be able to play. They are the opposite of no download online casinos. Download online casinos are considered to be old school due to the “download first” requirement. However, we still find them to be common and a favorite for many experienced gamblers. They consume quite a considerable amount of disk space depending on the game you settle on.

Live Casino

This is where gambling gets juicier and thrilling. In case you don’t find online casino gaming to be fascinating enough, you can try the live casino. Live casinos resemble the real time casinos you find in Vegas where dealers hand out cards to gamblers seated on a table. In online casinos, players and dealers from across the world are connected via web cameras and engage interactively in online casino gaming. Live casinos are used to play games such as Baccarat and Blackjack, but there still is the option of playing various other casino games. Live casinos have excellent streaming with modified bigger cards for preciseness of vision even in small screens.

Mobile Casinos

Courtesy of technological advancement you can now play online casino from your mobile device. Online casino developers have not been left behind in the rush to “mobilize” things. You can now gamble via your mobile device just like you can shop, read or get entertained. With your Smart device, you can now bet in online casino and get to play for real money. There are numerous mobile slots that have been made by online casino game providers which you can access through your mobile Smartphone or tablet. It is just a matter of downloading the game app and getting to play mobile slots for real money.

Virtual Reality Casino

The virtual reality technology which was a dream only a while ago has come to be. From fantasy to reality the Virtual reality technology holds the keys to future online gambling. It will let you not only spin the reels and earn real money but also drink your favorite shot at the casino bar while comfortably relaxing on your sofa. What you need to enjoy all this is only your VR headset. After trying out PS games on Virtual Reality, in the various gambling trade shows we attend, all we can say it that casino gaming on VR will definitely be cool. It might take some time for online casino developers to take the bold step towards this technology of the future, but we know that it will eventually happen. And the moment it happens, online gambling will have undergone a revolution.

If you have ever tried out the Oculus Rift, then you understand the basis of our super excitement about Virtual reality casinos. The technology may cost more money, but a gambling experience in it will be unforgettable. The choice is yours, go ahead, choose the type that best fits you and win that money.

Casino Bonuses Types

No matter what you may be doing on the Internet at any given time it is highly likely that you will be presented with glitzy online casino advertisements, tempting you with promises of free spins no deposit casino bonuses and other incentives to get you to sign up.
So just what are these casino bonuses and does free truly mean free or is there a catch? The most popular and reputable online casinos typically offer at least 3 types of bonuses, as follows:

Welcome / Sign Up Casino Bonus

While this type of bonus is by far the best online casino bonus you are likely to ever be offered you can only receive it once, right after signing up with a new online casino site and making your initial deposit. As the name suggests, the online casino will reward you with a deposit bonus as a thank you for registering with them. This deposit bonus is typically no more than 100% of your deposit amount. Some of the larger online casinos may not only give you a first deposit bonus but include an additional casino bonuses package that you will receive upon making subsequent deposits. An example of such a bonus would be: bonus of 100% when you make your initial deposit, bonus of 50% when you make a second deposit and 25% when you make your third.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

Another type of bonus many of the best online casinos offer is a no deposit casino bonus. Instead of receiving a deposit bonus as mentioned above, the casino will credit you with free slots play that will pay out real money should you win. This is a chance for you to play without risking any of your own money. Typically this type of casino bonus is also given as a welcome or thank you to new account holders and will be credited upon completion of registration.

Free Spins Bonus

The mere name “Free Spins Bonus” automatically makes you think of online slots, and you would be right. When an online casino gives a new player a number of free spins it will typically be for specific machines and will have a restriction on the betting amount. Free spins will be credited once a deposit is made, and as if playing with real money, any winnings will be deposited into your casino account.

Other bonuses online casinos may offer are “happy hours”. During this time games may be played at discounted rates. Another popular casino bonus is gambling marathons during which players have even greater chances of winning.

To fully understand each casino’s terms and conditions regarding bonuses, please read the relevant section on their website.

How We Select Online Casinos

Selecting which online casinos to list on the FreeSlots99 website is a task that requires extensive knowledge and years of experience in the gambling industry. Our team has the skills to make an assessment of an online casino very quickly and decide whether it is worthy of making our list. While in many cases we can tell whether the casino is trustworthy and safe with a quick look, we do not rely upon our initial reaction to guide us. Instead we use strict criteria that online casinos must satisfy in order to get on our list, as follows:
  • Licensing – The online casino must hold a current license issued by gambling licensing authorities. This is the number one criteria, because without having a license in place we will not longer even consider the casino for our list.
  • Customer Support – Live customer support must be easily accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Customer service representatives must be knowledgeable, friendly and capable of providing you with an answer to your query in a timely, efficient manner. Support staff should be reachable by telephone, email and online chat at all times of the day and night.
  • Reputation – We do rely upon the opinions of other well-established website lists such as found on AskGamblers for verification of licensing and trustworthiness of online casinos.
  • Quality and Variety of Games – Reputable online casinos will offer a wide variety of games, many of them created by top gambling game software developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and others. As these games come with a hefty price tag it is usually an indication of the quality of the online casino.
  • Payouts – Payout processing times and limits vary widely, with good casinos able to process your payout request within 24 to 48 hours. Some casinos place a cap or limit on how much can be requested to be paid out per week. If payout times are slow and the payout limits are low that casino may not be the best choice.

Casino Games

The type and number of games offered by each online casino varies significantly, as you will see when you check out the list of games on their websites. Some casinos focus solely on slots, while others offer a variety of games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, scratch cards and also slots.

We keep our game list up to date with the newest games but sometimes the no download casinos will offer a larger list of demo games. A demo game is a casino game that you can play for free while you decide whether you enjoy it enough to risk your money. Demo games offer a great opportunity for novice players to understand the world of online gambling before taking the leap into playing the real money games. offers a unique advantage over other online casino websites: we have over 5500 slots (carefully selected from all internet) that you can play for free, sorted for you by our algorithm. It also allows you to choose between playing for real money or for free.

Once you have tried a game out a quick click of the Play button will take you directly to the online casino that has the game available to play with real money. In addition we filter the online casinos by location to insure you are only presented with a list of casinos in your country. And, again, we use our ranking algorithm to select best ones.

Casino Game Providers & Software

Usually, most of the games of trustworthy online casinos are created by some of the famous and largest software providers. These are NetEnt, Microgaming, EGT, Aristocrat, WMS, Bally etc. These companies presented in this market for several years and are licensed in many countries. The best thing about these companies is that their games work as some kind of the seal of approval for the online casino.

So, if you are playing in an online casino and see some NetEnt games in that casino game list, then you can be assured that the casino is completely safe. It already has all the essential certifications and licenses.

With every passing day our collection of the casino games is getting bigger and bigger. There are new software providers who have appeared in this industry and many new games are also released. Casinos will not attract customers anymore with the same old school casino flash games like “Lucky Lady Charm” and “Book of Ra” by Novomatic. Instead, the lists are updated with modern HD, HTML5 and 3D real money slots, compatible both with the smartphones and desktops. These new games work perfectly in different sizes of the screen. These games look like some advanced video games and not just simple casino games with simple graphics.

Nowadays, customers are getting more and more responsive and keeping themselves updated with the time by using advanced technologies to play casino games.

Payment Systems

You need to choose the best and most convenient form of payment when you are playing casino games online with real money. These days, there are numerous options for payments and all sorts of different currencies are accepted in the gambling industry. Some of these are already popular and also more convenient and some are not yet used by casinos. Here is the list of the most used and popular payment systems from which you can choose according to your own convenience:
  • Credit Cards (Visa/Masterard/etc) – paying via credit card is undoubtedly one of the easiest and fastest ways to make online payment. So, you can definitely use this method for casino deposit online. This system is completely safe and reliable. There is hardly any casino that does not accept MasterCard or Visa Credit Cards.
  • Paypal – another popular way of depositing casino money online is via PayPal e-wallet. PayPal is 100% reliable and it always make sure that it protect their customers and ensure that the money will never disappear. Though this system is quite popular across the world, but there are still some countries where PayPal is not available. In this case, the gamblers have to choose some other options for payment.
  • Neteller – this is another payment system used mostly by the gamblers. It is accepted in over 150 countries around the world. It used to be considered as the most popular option for payment in this gambling industry. Even though, this is replaced by credit card these days, many still consider this option while paying for the online casinos. But this option is currently unavailable for the USA gamblers. They can definitely choose one from other options.
  • Paysafe Card – It is another perfect option for the gamblers and this is best for the ones who are afraid of the frauds and do not want to disclose their information regarding credit cards. It is a prepaid card which you can buy from 500,000 outlets all over the world. This is often used to pay for goods in the online stores and also for the online casino games. It is an easy and safe process but it can be difficult for a person to find especially in small countries.
  • Bitcoin – famous online cryptocurrency.
  • Skrill – new name of Moneybookers. This is essentially e-wallet with connected credit card, like Paypal.

And that is not all. There are many more payment options that can be added to the list. You can also make deposit in online casino via check, bank wire, EcoPayz, Entropay systems and many others. The payment options that are accepted by a certain casino is listed on casino page on our site. And also do not forget to ensure whether or not you can withdraw your money from the online casino before you make any deposit.

Gambling Licenses

Every online casino should pass through the licensing procedure. This gambling license is an important part and it is a kind of certification that is issued by the gambling authorities that allow somebody to operate casinos. It is also needed for its very own existence.

In order to get the license, the casino must confirm whether it meets all the standards and be approved by the regulation board. Some of the popular licensing authorities are the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Licensing Authority, the Isle of Man Gambling Jurisdiction, Malta Gambling Commission and many more.

It is very much important for you to know that we at FreeSlots99 doesn’t care about online casinos without proper license. All the real money casinos in our list have all the necessary and valid licenses. They are trustworthy and safe. Thus, you can be completely sure that nothing will go wrong while you are playing.

Good Luck!

We continuously update by checking, finding online and listing the new casinos, slots, games and special promotions. All of these conform to all the regulations that are mentioned above. We never add any casino or slot here in the list without carrying a good research. Once you start your gambling you will come across several online casinos on the internet. And most of them look safe and cool. In order to be absolutely sure of the casino, do not ever forget to read the reviews about that online casino and check their rating on our website or wherever else you find them. You can also read about them on social media.

Another important thing that we want to talk about is gambling awareness. It is known that real money games are complete fun and we do play them often and love to win real money. But one should not take this as their primary source of income. You cannot quit your actual job to gamble in online casinos. Take the winning and losing for granted. You are well aware of what you are doing and what probably can happen when you are making a deposit. You can even win a jackpot or even can lose whatever you have bet on. And in case you lose, never forget that it is gambling which a form of entertainment. And entertainments always cost some real money. The FreeSlots99 team wishes you a very Good Luck for your gambling. Enjoy your game!