Online Casino USA Real Money: 2020 Guide

New USA Online Casino Real Money

Most gaming fanatics of online casinos play for money, not just for fun. We all care to make those extra bucks when opportunity knocks at the door. However, after a while, we realized that making profits on online gaming is difficult due to casino’s dishonesty. There are so many methods that they use in their mission to draw out every single penny that players earn. Finding a genuine real money USA online casino that is registered, has a transparent wagering system, good RTP, promotions, clear terms and conditions – is not easy. Many have some methods aimed at slashing or withholding your wins. After several years of analysis we developed an method, that selects the best. Then we made this page to assist USA players in their online gambling. Best online casinos that you see below are passed many strict checks, chosen and sorted based on your location, our rating and quality of current offers of 2020. Casino promotions updated: 08/14/2020.

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Recommended American casinos for you:

*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x60
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x25
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x40
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x60
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x5
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x15
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x40
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x?
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x25
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x35
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x40
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x20
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x40
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x?
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x35
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x40

Brand New USA Online Casinos 2020 & 2019 & 2018

Not so many good American online casinos have appeared in recent years. Here are some of the best:

*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x40
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x35

Top Online Casinos with Bitcoins in 2020

Are you speculate about what how to find the best USA real money online casino with Bitcoin? Which of them are trustable and have best bonuses? Well, we’ve solved that riddle for you! In 2020, we tried top 10 online casinos USA that uses cryptocurrencies, spent some bitcoins and determined the best. We are continually updating this guide.

We evaluate them using:

  1. We check licensing information (license is the main marker of safety and reliability).
  2. Their image like whether they’re paying out bonuses, do they use unlicensed software etc. We read online casino reviews and comments by other players from all sources, even on Reddit.
  3. Range of casino games.
  4. Range of crypto assets deposit methods
  5. Ability to do all things anonymously.
  6. Usability. How fast is the depositing process and withdrawals in a particular casino. Do they have some hidden fees, what real withdrawal times for different withdrawal types.
  7. Do they have good and consistent rewards program? Whether it actually uses bitcoin currency internally?
  8. We review their terms and privacy policy.
  9. We also read every casino review on them on the internet.
  10. Do they have Live Dealer features and sports betting.
  11. We test their casino games, try to deposit & cashout and contact with their support.

Recommended Bitcoin Casinos for you:

*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x60
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x25
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x30
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x40
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x?
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x25
*T&Cs apply. 18+, new customers, wagering: x35

Real Money Online Casino Games

Gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Enjoying these innovative games really showcases why this is. If somebody gambles recklessly then of course he is going to think badly about casino games. It is great if it’s done for entertainment and in a responsible way!

The rush that many get when playing best casino games has nothing to compare. Watching those reels spin, knowing that they could win a multi-million-dollar jackpot, their adrenaline boils and is the perfect way to spend the evening. Some believe that it is impossible to win real money online in casinos, but that is not true. Real money casino games are designed and created in a way that is fair and exciting for everyone.

Online casinos constantly see major winners, and not always people who play daily are fortunate. Every month or so, one can see somebody putting $10 on one of these games and winning thousands of dollars! Games with highest stakes MAY have biggest results, and you do not need to be a high roller to get a lucky combination, it often happens to everyone.

Play Online Casino Games and Win

There are several kinds of players out there, and some of them play aggressively and recklessly, treating their assets as if they were nothing. That’s where gambling got its ill repute, so let’s explore a little deeper why such players exist and how disastrous events can occur in real life.

Undeniably, gambling is a game of luck and occasionally player will hit an unlucky streak. If someone plays in a casino for real, and he feels that the games just aren’t going his way, he should stop and keep his riches for another time! Continuing when he is in a terrible frame of mind really is not going to do him any favors.

Play Online Casinos USA For Real Money Safely

Another cause why gambling can have a bad name is because of so many bad casinos that do unfortunately still operate. Even though these are not ordinary, some casinos are run by criminals with the sole goal to steal player’s money. In the rare circumstances, when somebody wins at one of these places whether on the internet or at a land-based establishment, such casinos will refuse to pay out for one reason or another.

As long as you taking the search for casinos into your own hands and are enjoying casino games at a licensed American internet casinos, you can be sure that your funds are secure, and a truly wonderful adventure awaits you. Playing land-based casinos can be tricky, which is why visually impressive video slots that also have a depth of gameplay has become so popular online. Progressive jackpots are genuine, the games are enjoyable, and you’re guaranteed an amazing adventure from start to finish.

How To Make Real Money in USA Casino Online?

Playing online casinos – whether it is United States, UK, Canadian, Australian or any other national or international casino – might seem a bit risky but there are many reasons why it could be OK. Discovering a genuine one is your first step in winning cash prizes. Sweet selection of the American online casinos with FAQ about games themselves is right here.

People might really want to try our wide selection of games but still be a little scared about the whole experience. There is absolutely no need to be, so let me share the secret about how to win cash straight into your bank account. It is actually possible to make cash without investing any of your own and that’s basically through casino bonuses. Most good casinos online do not provide no deposit bonuses because their main priority is get massive earnings, although this is not always the case.

American online casinos operate in different ways however; many DO offer such thing because they want to attract players. It helps you. Once you register as a new player at the online casino USA with a such promotions, they will give you some money to claim (usually around $5-15). If you do manage to win something using their online slots and perhaps even win the jackpot, you’ll need to wager a certain amount of real money before you can withdraw it – for example 30x or 50x of your winning. Online slots, keno and scratch cards usually contribute 100% towards such requirement, while video poker, Caribbean stud poker and other table games like online blackjack, pai gow or craps count 5%-15%.

Educate yourself about Return to Player percentage and prioritize slots with the best, and choose well-known providers that are recognized for high RTP and overall competent behavior when it comes to progressive jackpots.

I think you can see from all the information provided, that playing at some best American online casino sites using some sort of a bonuses could be very beneficial. Play on top rated online casinos that are licensed and also don’t let yourself get too obsessed with the games.

Casino Games – Play Them for Real

The first thing the player need to do is picking a reliable casino. I recommend using one from our selection because they are legitimate and it won’t get him in any trouble legally. The registration will only take a couple of minutes and he simply enter his personal details (such as name, address…). To play for money, he will also be prompted to submit his payment details. Please be assured that your banking information is always safe when you go through this with some trusted & best online casino USA. There are usually many payment options available including Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Ukash, and other.

Types of Casino Bonuses

No matter what you may be doing on the Internet at any given time it is highly likely that you will be presented with glitzy casino advertisements, tempting you with promises of no deposit bonuses and other incentives to get you to sign.

Often, the bonuses will be given when you put money to your account for the first time. Although you don’t have to accept it, they will grant you with a chance to get additional money. So just what are these bonuses and does “free” truly means it or is there’s a catch? Normally, online casinos USA offer at least 3 sorts of bonuses, as follows:

  1. Casino Free Spins – When a casino gives a player a free number of spins it is usually applied to certain slot machine games and has a restriction on the size of bets (sometimes also on wins). You will claim them once a deposit is made, and any winnings will be credited to you. They are usually given to players when online slots have been launched.
  2. Welcome Bonus – When you first sign-up at an online casino, you will be offered with such a thing, which is usually 100% of what you deposit, but no more then some large amount (like $700). It’s important to remember that money earned from it can’t be claimed unless terms and conditions have been met (hence, you need to play with something like x15, x30 or x50 of the earned money).
  3. No Deposit Casino Bonus – Some real money casinos have such promotion for new customers. They will grant them $5-50 in free money. Real cash can be made from this but again, wagering conditions must be fulfilled first. This is a chance for you to play without risking any of your own money and level up yourself before trying real deal. Typically, it is also given as a welcome or thank you to new players and will be credited upon completion of registration.

Other bonuses they may offer are happy hours. During this time, games may be played at discounted rates. Another popular thing they like is gambling marathons, during which players have even greater chances of winnings.

To fully understand the t&c’s of each casino regarding bonuses, please read the corresponding section on their website.

Another thing is so-called “cash spins” or “wager-free spins. For example, PlayOJO has a nice promo called No Wagering on Anything at This actually means 50 free spins to claim without wagering requirement (you do not need to deposit anything to cash out).

You can play best online casinos in the USA in 2020 and get the euphoric buzz of winning money online.

Types of Vegas Casinos Online in the USA

Before you even think about investing your dollar in gambling, you need to understand what online casinos can be and how they differ from each other. Any pro gambler is not likely to find this segment of a page fascinating, but newbies have a lot to learn from here. We will help you understand the sorts of casinos, in accordance with your interests and abilities.

Ok, so, with our big experience with online gambling sites (that you can trust), let us get you going by shedding some light on some prevalent kinds of casinos you will meet:

Mobile Casino

Perhaps you are always on the go but still want to make the most of the games on offer, so why not play some of the top mobile online casino slots that are available for Android and Apple devices?

Courtesy of technological advancement you can now play mobile casinos from your smartphone on tablet. Best providers did not miss a rush to “mobilize” things, and now you can play mobile casinos in the same way as you can shop, read or get entertained. You can access mobile casino games through your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or iPad, and it is about downloading a game app and getting to play casinos for real at some mobile device. Still, there may be a limited number of titles which you can access.

Live Online USA Casino

Nowadays, players are becoming more demanding and are keeping themselves updated, using advanced technologies that made games more interactive.

This is where gambling gets juicier and thrilling. If you do not find hundreds of traditional casino games to be fascinating enough, you can try a live casino. They resemble land-based casinos you find in Vegas where dealers hand out cards to players seated on a table. In live casinos, players and live dealers from across the globe are connected via web cameras, sitting at home and engaging interactively in online gaming. They are used to play table games such as Online Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Bingo, Sic Bo, Online Blackjack, Roulette, Scratch Cards, Online Keno, Three Card Poker, Deuces Wild Poker, Stud Poker or Video Poker and others. Such casinos have visually appealing streaming with modified bigger cards for preciseness of vision even in small screens. They are also named “live dealer casinos”. We advise you to try such contemporary way to play some table games like Video Poker or such a version of Roulette where you can see the ball bouncing across the wheel from different camera angles.

VR Casino USA

The good news is that a VR technology, which was a dream only a while ago, has come to be. It now holds the keys to astonishing future of some of the greatest gambling online. It will let you not only spin the reels and make real money online but also drink your favorite shot at an online casino bar while comfortably relaxing on your sofa. What you need to enjoy all this is only your VR headset and top-notch PC or Mac. After trying out PS games on VR in the various gambling trade shows we visited, all we can say is that gaming on VR is definitely very entertaining. We don’t think that casino software makers will be able to immediately make a bold step towards this future technology, but we know that this will eventually take place. The moment this happens, online gambling will undergo a big revolution, and we are thrilled about it.

If you have ever tried out a Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, then you comprehend the basis of our super excitement about VR casinos. This technology is mor expensive, but an online experience in it will be unforgettable.

Download Casino

As its name suggests, such casino sites require you to download a gaming software to be able to play. This type of online casinos is considered old school and not the best because of the “download first” prerequisite and because of the absence of instant play. However, we still find them to be common and a favorite for many experienced gamblers.

No Download Casino

Just like the name suggests they are instant, and it is an ideal starting point for you if you have never played online games in casinos before. Such casino sites are simple and do not require any downloads so it’s wonderful for novices. In the past, you had to install a special plugin, but now, in the days of HTML5 games that are developed in the last decade, it is no longer necessary.

Casino Games Online

We play casino games online for real, like most casino fanatics. The class and number of games offered by each online casino varies significantly, as you will see when you check out full list on their websites. Some casinos are focused exclusively on classic slots, while others present with a variety of slots machines, or you can play some table game such as Online Roulette, Dice, Baccarat, Blackjack Online, Video Poker, Faro, Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps, Pai gow, Online Bingo or Big Six. offers a unique advantage over other online gambling sites: we have over 20,000 latest slots (carefully selected from all internet) that you can play online, sorted for you by us, so the best ones are on the top.

Once you have tried a game out a click on the Play button will take you directly to a top casino site that has it available to play with real money online. In addition, we filter casinos by location to ensure that you are provided with only a selection of the best casinos & offers for your country.

For reviewed & tested online casinos we outlined all the details of how deposits and withdrawal are made. Newbies should focus more on this section as fraudsters often seek to exploit their failure of understanding how online casinos in the USA work. This saves you the agony of reading volume loads of tutorials and gets them ready for an genuine online casino gambling.

Casino Tournaments

They bring the social element to an online casino game and we like that. These are the contests that allow their players to be the “stars”.

How Do We Find The New & Best Online Casinos

Selecting which casinos to list on our site is a task that requires extensive knowledge and expertise in the gambling industry. Our team has the necessary skills to quickly make an assessment of a casino and determine whether to insert it to our list. While in many cases we can tell whether casino in question is trustworthy and safe by taking a brief look, we do not rely upon our earliest reaction to guide us.

Instead, we use strict criteria that online casino USA must satisfy in order to get on our list, as follows:

  • Customer Support – Live customer support must be accessible 24×7. Customer service representatives must be knowledgeable, friendly and capable of providing you with an answer to your query in a timely, efficient manner. Support staff should be reachable by phone, email and online chat.
  • Licensing – Casino must hold a permit issued by special authority. This is the criterion number one, because without it, we won’t even consider this casino as suitable for our list. It must also has trusted jurisdiction. Some are better than the others, but not all available in each country.
  • Reputation – We rely on the opinions of other well-established website lists such as found on AskGamblers, ThePOGG and CasinoMeister for verification of trustworthiness of a casino and a casino operator.
  • Payouts – The time and limits of withdrawals processing vary greatly, with top rated online casinos able to process your payout request within 1 to 2 days. If you need to wait ages for payment and payout limits are low, thin this may not be the best choice.
  • Quality and Variety of Games – Reputable casino will offer a full range of them, made by biggest gambling software creators such as IGT, WMS, Playtech, NetEnt, Bally, Betsoft, iSoftBet, RTG (Realtime Gaming, Rival, and, more recently, smaller companies like NYX or Yggdrasil. As these games come with a hefty price tag it is usually an indication of the quality. Take RTG as an example. It’s very popular in US-oriented casinos like Royal Ace, Ignition, Drake, Golden Lion, Wild Casino, Cafe Casino or Spin Palace Casino, because it doesn’t have same restrictions as others. So if you play in a such casino and see RTG or Rival, it’s probably ok. If you see their own proprietary software, then you must be careful.
  • Design – We look if casino site has a unique and lovely design.
  • Domain Name – Avoid new online casinos that have long or strange domain name or from weird domain zones.

Payment Methods in Online Casinos

You need to know about the best and most convenient form of payment when you’re playing casino games with money. These days, there are numerous options for payments and all sorts of different currencies are accepted in the gambling industry. Some of these are already famous and more convenient and some are not yet used by gambling sites.

  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX, Black Card), etc) – debit or credit card is undoubtedly straightforward, fast and secure way to make an online payment. It is especially popular in the United States. So you can definitely use them for deposit. This system is entirely safe and reliable. There’s hardly any casino that doesn’t accept Visa and MasterCard. Prevalent in the United States, with the exception of American Express – it is really rarely used.
  • Paypal – another popular way of making deposit. It is 100% reliable and it always makes sure that it protects their clients and ensures that the money will never disappear. Though this system is quite popular across the world, but there are still some locations where it is not available, like offshore casinos. If so, the players have to pick some other options.
  • Neteller – this is another payment system used mostly by the gamblers. It is accepted in like 210 countries. Neteller is used to be deemed as the most popular option for payment. Even though it is replaced by bank cards these days, many still consider this option. But this option is currently unavailable for the gamblers of America. They can definitely choose one from others, like Bitcoin.
  • Paysafe Card – It is another perfect option for the gamblers and this is best for the ones who are afraid of the frauds and do not want to disclose their information. It is a prepaid card, which you can buy from 700,000 outlets all over the world. This is often used to pay for goods in the online stores and also for the online casino games. It is an easy and safe but it can be hard for a person to find. Widely used in the big European countries and in the UK.
  • Bitcoin – famed cryptocurrency. Sometimes they also have Ethereum (ETH) or even Ripple (XRP). Bitcoin is growing in popularity this days, and it is extremely popular in the online USA casinos, so any new casino in America usually offers it.
  • Skrill – recent rebranding of Moneybookers, company from the United Kingdom. It’s essentially an e-wallet linked with bank card like Visa and Mastercard.
  • Bank Transfer – this one is known for its strong security, and the casinos just love it. By the way, some welcome bonuses could be disabled with some payment/withdrawal methods. This is definitely not the case with the bank transfer.
  • ecoPayz – cutting-edge payment method, very popular in Canada.
  • EcoCard – deposit method, popular in Canada.

An important thing to note is that each method offered has its own rules like minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited and withdrawn. You can usually also deposit money into your account through check, EntroPay systems and many others. The payment options that are accepted by casinos are listed on a corresponded page on our site. And also do not forget to ensure whether you can withdraw money before putting it there.

Casino Software Providers

Time passes and our already huge collection of free casino games is getting even bigger. There are modern casino software creators who have appeared in this industry and many creative games are also released. Casino will not attract players anymore with the same old school games like Mega Moolah, Quick Hit or Alley Cats. Instead, the lists are refreshed with HD, HTML5 and 3D real money casino slots, compatible with both smartphones and desktops – like “Playboy Gold” or “Dragon’s Fire”. They look like some state-of-the-art video games, and not just simple ones with basic graphics.

Several well-known and largest software makers create almost all the games that you can see in an honest casino. These are WMS, Microgaming, EGT, Play’n GO, SG, Betsoft, Casino Technology, etc. These companies have existed in this market for several years and are licensed in many territories. The best thing about them is that their games work as some kind of the seal of approval.

Therefore, if in a casino you see some games of such software makers in the list, you can be sure that it is totally safe, and if you hit the jackpot, you will receive it. It already has all essential certifications, and its RNG ensures fair outcomes.

Gambling Laws & Licenses

Each USA online casino should pass through the licensing procedure. Gambling authorities issue such a license through the procedure of certification. This allows somebody to operate it. The casino also needs it for its very own existence.

In order to get it, any casino must confirm whether it meets all the standards and the regulation board must approve it. Some of the popular authorities are the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom, Curaçao e-Gaming, Malta Gaming Authority and many more.

USA Online Casinos Legislation 2020

Gambling online in the America is a complex subject. Generally, it is not allowed. Back in 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (Title VII of the SAFE Port Act is known as the ‘Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006’) came into fruition, and it did make it illegal for the banking establishments and other financial institutions to process transactions. Before 2006 there were no legal restrictions. Fortunately, federal law can be overruled by state law, and if you live in such a state, you do not have any difficulties. But if you are just close to the bordering state your location may indicate that you are not in the legal casino. Check your local state for up to date information. In 2011, they changed the view on the Wire Act saying it only concerns the sports betting. From 2012 the U.S. federal government also blocking foreign owned websites that are based outside of the US.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey accept both online casinos and online poker. Delaware allows only online poker. New Jersey, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia allow online sports betting. New York, Illinois, California, Washington, Massachusetts and Mississippi want to legalize online gambling, but it is just talk so far.

Another option is to use so-called off-shore operators – these are merely casino operators accepting US players and are situated outside of the U.S., mainly in Europe and operating under such licenses as Curacao. There is also many rogue and illegal casino sites who are not audited and generally unlawful, for example Las Vegas USA Casino. We recommend to have some sort of strategy to dealing with like read review of the casino, ask them some questions, check legislative acts, read news, use common security precautions.

However, you, as an end user, are always responsible for our deeds and you need to verify that you are on the safe side.

It is very important to know that we at do not care about online casino sites without a proper permit. All the online casinos in our approved list are regulated, have all the necessary and valid authorizations, are strictly regulated and fair. They are trusted, safe and best in their country. Thus, one can be absolutely sure that nothing will go wrong while he is gambling.

Advertising Restrictions

Advertising of gambling on the Internet in large media corporations like Google or Yahoo is usually not allowed.

Gambling in the world

Best gambling cities include Monte Carlo, Macau, London, San Jose (Costa Rica), Marina Bay (Singapore). As for casinos in the United States, one can think of gambling megacities such as Atlantic City (New Jersey), Las Vegas Strip (Nevada) with it’s large casinos for US players and Chicago.


We continuously update our site by checking and listing reputable & fresh American casinos, games and promos of 2020. All of these conform to all regulations that are mentioned above. We never add any new online casino or slot to our list without carrying a thorough research.

Once you begin your gambling you will come across several real money casinos on the internet. And most of them look safe and great. In order to be fully confident, read independent guides and online casino reviews about this casino and check their rating on our website or wherever else you will find them. You can also read about them on Facebook.

US Online Casinos FAQ

Is it legal to gamble online in the USA?

According to US gambling laws – yes, except for two states (Hawaii and Utah). All other states offer some sort of online gambling.

What is the legal gambling age in the United States?

In general, the gambling age is usually either 18 or 21 and it differs from state to state.

What are deposit methods for online casinos in the US?

Usually they are limited to Visa, Mastercard and Bitcoin.

What is the best game to play in an online casino to win real money?

You need to look for table games with greatest odds of winning, which means high RTP: blackjack, roulette, craps, poker.